Friday, January 29, 2010

Healthcare : Electronic prescriptions and certificates,

The Belgian Minister for Simplification, Vincent Van Quickenborne, wants to eliminate the requirements of drugs to pharmacists, the certificates for mutual care and medical certificates to employers.
For 2011, Minister Van Quickenborne (Open VLD) plans to introduce electronic prescriptions and certificates, to avoid paper documents, says he in De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad.
"The electronification comprehensive health care represents a saving of 1, 5 billion," said the minister.

Why not carrying your prescriptions and cerificates with you on a eReader, within a secured your patient file ?


Appe and the iPad

I had to laugh when I saw this picture here :

And when I compare it with my Appe "logo" I draw just for the fun...

The eFlyBook - An ePaper Application in Air Transportation

Today, I would like to point you to a real ePaper application : the eFlyBook.

"eFlyBook is a portable electronic device that contains all of the U.S. digitized terminal procedures, IFR high and low altitude enroute charts, U.S. airport facility directory, the FAR/AIM, and can accommodate other user installed eDocs such as books, newspapers, magazines, pictures, and many others.
eFlyBook brings revolutionary technology right to your fingertips with impressive features such as an ample 8.1 inch display in a 1/2 inch thick, 13.7 oz device, with very low power consumption providing days of interaction, incredible document viewing capability, and so much more."

It uses the iRex technology (I think the illiad).

Thursday, January 28, 2010

First Feelings on the iPad

Yesterday, Apple announced the iPad and this morning I had a look at the video on ZDNet.

It is a really cool device ! Let's comment on Steve Jobs's demonstration:
  • Graphics : just like on the iPhone/iPod, the system looks really great
  • Pictures : the iPad will become a great way to share photos
  • Internet : It's surely the best experience for browsing the web in your sofa, nevertheless if you want to write long texts (like blogging), I'm not sure yet.
  • Email : I don't believe in it yet. I'd need to test the virtual keyboard to see if it's convenient to write an email like this
  • Reading eBooks : I'd need to compare reading during 1 hour on ePaper and 1 hour on a iPad.
The iPad will probably deeply hurt ePaper manufacturers. Their only chance of survival is a price war against the iPad. Also they will have to innovate aggressively to come nearby the same user experience. See an example here : (Thanks to Michel Duperrier for sending me this video).

Monday, January 25, 2010

Read books on your PC or Mac with Blio

With Blio you don't need a special hardware device like an ePaper based reader to read eBooks, you just use your PC... :

"...knfb's Blio [comes] with Mac and PC compatible software saying you don't need
new fancy hardware to read the the printed page on a screen....or may
be you do. Regardless, of where the Blio software ends up we really dig
it and it approaches digital reading in a whole new way. In case you
didn't know the Blio software aims
to preserve the traditional book or magazine format by keeping its
layout, fonts, images, but also to meld it with digital interactivity..."

Sources :


Find this article on :

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Selling eBooks via Amazon Digital Text Platform

On January 20th 2010, Amazon announced its new deal proposal: If you format your eBook for the Amazon Digital Text Platform -  so people can read it on their Kindle - Amazon will give you upto 70% of the sale if you satisfy some conditions.  You can read about those conditions in the press release.  Any (United States) citizen can sign up for an account, upload and sell eBooks through Amazon.


List of ePaper Readers : more than 50 models

Last week, I published the links of 3 lists of eReaders. I took the time to aggregate them in an attempt to compile a complete list of eReaders.

There are more than 50 models of "eReaders". In this list there are ePaper eBook readers, LCD readers, prototypes and Rumors (Apple Tablet).

You can find the list here: List of eReaders.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ePaper Demos Technology : Java or Adobe ?

Today, I'm looking at a technology for implementing some demos with the new eReader I have received yesterday. My objective is to demonstrate some showcases of a an ePaper Reference Architecture, therefore I want to develop/assemble a Desktop application, a kind of iTunes for eReader.

I currently face a dilemna: which technology to choose Java or Adobe (AIR) ? Both are portable.Both offer document workflow solutions, which I believe are very important elements.

Advantages of Java
  • Java is more open towards other Entreprise platforms like Alfresco or jBoss.
  • The Kindle is based on a Java Platform (see here
  • Other commercial document solutions like IBM FileNet are based on FileNet
Advantages of Adobe
  • Adobe clearly has an advantage when talking about generating PDF documents
  • Adobe AIR is flashy
  • Adobe also has solutions for Document Workflow
To be continued...

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Flexible ePaper Display to read the newspaper : LG Display

Today, let's have a look at the largest ePaper reader in the world, according to LG. It's a 19 inch flexible display from LG.

Photo Source :

  • Name : ? 19 Inch LG Display
  • Manufacturer : LG
  • Size : 19 inch
  • Weight : 13 grams
  • Price : ?
  • Technology : ?
  • Flexible
  • 18 Jan 2010 : LG Display unveils 19-inch-wide epaper
    • From the press release:  "Our development of the world's largest flexible display has opened up a new market in the next-generation display sector of e-paper," said CTO and executive VP of LG Display, In Jae Chung. "As the e-paper market is growing at a rapid pace, LG Display will continue to deliver new value to customers and the market through industry-leading technologies and differentiated products."

You can also find this information on this Page.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Creation of the ePaper User Group

ePaper Users, Unite !

I would like to share my ePaper experiences with peers. Therefore I would like to start an ePaper User Group where people could discuss and exchange their ideas or thoughts.

The group is located on Facebook and on Linked In:
The goal would be to organize a reunion in June with the most active members.

3 Lists of eReaders

Today, I publish on 3 lists of eReaders.

This last month, a lot of eReaders have appeared. eReaders have been the stars of the CES in Las Vegas.

In order to help potential ePaper users, the appepaper website will try to list them and provide links to the best reviews.