Monday, May 30, 2011

How to write an eBook for Amazon and iPad with free sofware ?

I often see in forums, groups...  people  asking what software to use to write an eBook.
I write and edit eBooks myself so I decided to document my method which exclusively makes use of free software and allows to make ebooks for Amazon an in ePub format.
Find it here on Amazon:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

People with e-readers buy more books

BookExpo America Underlines Industry Shifts - "ome anxiety over digital publishing was tempered by the fact that while e-book sales are huge in fiction, especially genre fiction like romance, mysteries and thrillers, they have barely registered in children’s books, reference books and a lot of nonfiction categories. And, publishers said, the spread of e-books could make the whole publishing pie bigger.

“People with e-readers buy more books,” said Markus Dohle, chairman and chief executive of Random House. “That’s an opportunity.”

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Samsung galaxy tab at mediamarkt - Pro and Cons

Received by the post today : a Mediamarkt brochure with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10" at 600€.

The Pros of this tablet:

- Android 3.0, an open system that will let you do more with your tablet. Mainly you will have much more control of your device and

- 3G which will allow you to use it everywhere

- Samsung's "finition" and quality

The cons
- The price is not competitive enough against the iPad1 WiFi 3G 32Gb whihc is at 549$ (not such a big difference)

- No USB !!

What do you think are the strong/weak points of this tablet ?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Would you buy a tablet like the Acer Iconia instead of an iPad ?

Since several months we see iPad alternatives (Tablets) at Retailers.

Here in Belgium I have seen some at Photo Hall (Archos, POV MOBII), at FNAC (Toshiba Android Tablet).

Here is an other example here at Macro. Interesting : it runs Windows7 Home Premium.

Would you buy an alternative tablet ? (non iPad) At which price ? Why ?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reading the newspaper on your tablet

This friday the 13th 2011, I was invited by to post an article on their website.

I decided to talk about "Reading the Newspaper on a tablet".

I illustrated several ways to read newspapers on a Tablet:
  1. Directly on the web, using the regular website or the mobile website
  2. On the web, using RSS
  3. On-line or off-line with an App
  4. Off-line with an eBook Format
  5. Using Social Networks like (Twitter and Facebook)
The full article in French is here Lire le journal sur votre tablette tactile.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ereading in the Belgian French Community : Reality check at the Brussels Book Fair

In February 2011, I visited the Brussels Book Fair with an idea: I wanted to ask all exponent if they sell eBooks.

I was disappointed. Digital Reading was not at all visible . I really had to ask all exponents specifically about their ebook initiatives.

I talked with 25 exponents :
  • 60% of them don't have/sell eBooks
  • 40% support eReading thanks to
    • Publishing free content on the web (PDF)
    • Being part of an international group (Mainly connections with France/ ePagine)

See the complete report in French over here :

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Society Makes Adjustments to Fit the Generation of Digital Reading | Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Local News and Business Directory

Society Makes Adjustments to Fit the Generation of Digital Reading | Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Local News and Business Directory:

"Although many bookstore and libraries cannot assist costumers that bring in devices to download from the library system, she (Kate Harvis, Assistant Director of the Mesa Public Library ) said that they have applied for a federal government grant so that they can get funding to put in a display featuring the newest e-reader devices; similar to how cellphone stores have displays of demo versions of each cellphone.

“We would like to put a display like that in each one of our locations, so again we have a chance for people to come in, look at them, compare them, play with them,” Harvis said. “It’s a public service. It’s just like the next logical step.”

She said that she will find out if Mesa libraries will receive the grant in May and would like to start the display within the next year.

Harvis said that you do not need an e-reader to check out an e-book, and also since checking out e-books is a 24/7 system, it doesn’t matter if libraries or bookstores are open physically. People can still check out books whereas the printed versions they need to be in order for them to be given.

Director of the Mesa Public Library Heather Wolf, said that many libraries are just trying to react to the new set of questions they are receiving every day and has noticed that they are obviously filling a need."