Friday, August 27, 2010

What to do with a Chinese iPad ?

If you buy a Chinese iPad 135$, for sure you will not have the same quality as a 500$ iPad.

The battery, the touch interface, the screen size , the speed are not as good as an iPad.

However here are the things I found working very well:
  • Reading eBooks : with the Amazon Kindle or Aldico apps, reading ePub is very nice. I have succesfully imported the ePub version of Zelf eBooks Uitgeven van Wiebe De Jager.
  • Dedicated Android News Apps like FoxNews, Europort,, Lesoir (developped by AppSolution)
  • Social apps like Twitter, Facebook
  • Email and Calendar (Gmail on Android)
On my Chinese iPad, (Eken M003) the following are  OK - look promissing - but could be better (mainly due to the pushy touch interface):
  • Google Maps
  • Videos : Youtube works only in Low res on my setup
  • Viewing Photos is a bit slow when the image is not at the right resolution
  • Taking notes : if you get used to the touch screen it becomes possible, but it's not as smooth as on a real iPad
Conclusion : your satisfaction with an Chinese iPad will heavilly depend on the applications you use.

A proper configuration and guidelines on what to do/ not to do will make you happy.

And if you want more on Android, wait a bit to buy a better tablet like the Dune. But this is more expensive, more like an iPad...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

eReading Reference Architecture : Reviewers Wanted

That's it. I have finalized a first draft version of my eBook : the eReading Reference Architecture.

I'm now looking for reviewers !!

To download the draft eBook, visit

Chinese iPad (Eken M003) : New Firmware and Android Market Problem Resolution

If you have bought a "Chinese iPad" (Eken M003) like me you might be disappointed when using it for the first time : Google is in Chinese, Android Market is not installed...

The good news is that you can change thisbu following this procedure:

1. Get the AndoidID from your device or from an emulator (requires to install and use the Android SDK). A procedure is described here:

and/or here

2. Install the Firmware

3. Put the AndroidID from step 1 back to your droid. (This is necessary otherwise all devices using the firmware have the same AndroidID, making it impossible to use the Android Market).

(Same link as point number 1)

Many THANKS to

If want me to do the procedure for you on your Eken, contact me :
I will also install some cool stuff for you so we have the same configuration.

Friday, August 6, 2010

France24 : first documentary on the iPad

The iPad promisses to allow the press to sell content again. news flashes don't belong to this gategory, rather in-depth articles or dossiers would have more value on the iPad.

Today France24 advertise to be the first to publish a iPad documentary.

See France 24 launches world's first iPad documentary