Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Android, une fois ! l'ebook du débutant Android

Nous venons d'éditer un ebook en Français pour les utilisateurs
débutants sur Android sur Amazon. 

Lien vers Amazon

Lien vers notre site :

Quand j'ai offert un HTC android a mon Papa, j'ai pris 2 heures à lui
expliquer la base : les apps, le market, les boutons... Ce sont ces
explications de la premièere heure que nous avons voulu figer avec cet

Nous avons aussi une sélection d'applications, avec certaines Belges.
Car nous sommes fiers d'être Belges et c'est pour cela qu'on a appellé le eBook  "Android, une fois!"
Si vous offrez un téléphone Android à Noel, pensez à notre eBook

Pour Dominique et J-F, 


Monday, December 20, 2010

Flipboard starts to edit magazines

Flipboard is a great eReading application on the iPad. It allows to read Internet feeds (like RSS) and transform it in a nice kind of eBook. You can flip the pages of your RSS feeds as if they were an eBook or a magazine.

Last week I suddenly received the following message from feedbooks (see screenshot) : "Starting today, eight renowned publishers will be testing an innovative new way to bring the timeless beauty of print media to the Web..."

This means that you can now use Flipboard to read magazines.

This is yet another way to read a magazine on a tablet (the iPad in this case). There are several ways to read magazines on a tablet : Woodwing, eLinea, Kobo, Zinio...

What is the best system ? It is too soon to tell, they all improve everyday. I believe the main success criterias will be the following :
  • Speed of download: some magazines consume way too much MB and take ages to download
  • Speed and ease of navigation, sometimes you get lost in magazines
  • Good content with opportune multi-media integration
  • Readability and Layout - sometimes there is too much text
  • A good mix between paid and free content
  • Content optimized to the profile of the reader
  • Well designed non intrusive feedback possibilities (comments, Social Networking...)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Le guide de visite de la tour Eiffel sur Ipad

Les dernières actualités: "Le guide de visite de la tour Eiffel sur Ipad
Pour tout savoir sur le monument et Paris lors de votre visite, vous pouvez louer le guide officiel de la Tour Eiffel sur Ipad.
Multimédia, tactile, multilingue, la tablette vous propose
- une visite de Paris à travers un panorama à 360° présentant plus de 80 points d'intérêt,
- une visite de la tour Eiffel à travers son histoire et ses faits les plus remarquables La boutique se trouve au 2ème étage de la tour Eiffel.
Location pour une heure : 7€

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Tell Us about Your Favorite Transmedia Projects

Tell Us about Your Favorite Transmedia Projects: "Transmedia has been a buzz word in publishing since at least 2003, but it’s one that’s still ill-defined. The creators of Inanimate Alice, as discussed in today’s editorial, describe it as “multimodality using images, sounds, text, interaction . . . to see storytelling in a new, multi-sensory light.” It is something bigger and more interactive than an enhanced e-book, but different than a Web site."

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La lecture numérique vue d’ailleurs : 813 000 XO au Pérou -

La lecture numérique vue d’ailleurs : 813 000 XO au Pérou: "Il y a quelques jours, le gouvernement péruvien a annoncé avoir distribué plus de 813 000 XO aux enfants du pays (pour une classe d’âge comprise entre 8 et 12 ans) au sein de plus de 8350 établissements. Ainsi, le Pérou devient le pays avec le parc de XO le plus important au monde (dépassant de peu l’Uruguay). ... Chaque XO distribué est préchargé avec plusieurs dizaines d’ebooks..."

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Les 4 éléments d’une bonne stratégie d’édition numérique | Bienvenue à PWALE

Les 4 éléments d’une bonne stratégie d’édition numérique | Bienvenue à PWALE: "Une bonne stratégie d’édition numérique se compose de 4 éléments:

1. l’eCommerce : quels sont les canaux à privilégier pour la vente de livre numériques.
2. le Contenu : il faut continuer à proposer du contenu de qualité
3. la Communication : il faut à présent faire le networking et la promotion des eBooks sur l’Intenet
4. l’Organisation : il faut que l’éditeur acquière les compétences liées au numérique

Comment faire pour atteindre ces objectifs ? contactez-nous ! Jean-François Declercq ou Dominique Gany."

Monday, December 13, 2010

Information Architects – News on iPad, the Obvious Way

Information Architects – News on iPad, the Obvious Way: "Developing an HTML based news app is not just cheaper and faster, it also gives you more editorial and technical control over your contents. More importantly, HTML-apps are in many ways more convenient for the user: They’re easy to use, they’re more medium appropriate and in that sense: more appealing and—they’re free. No long downloads, no “how do I get to…”, no weird crashes, no trouble to share, copy, paste, comment, tweet, link to. They just work."

Sunday, December 12, 2010 Announced Today Their Grand Opening Announced Today Their Grand Opening: " was create by entrepreneur, programmer, and author, Bo Bennett, who realized a major need for this kind of full-service business after struggling with converting his own print book to eBook format in the summer of 2010."

Des tablettes pour réduire la Fracture Numérique ? | Bienvenue à PWALE

Des tablettes pour réduire la Fracture Numérique ? | Bienvenue à PWALE: "La réduction de la fracture numérique ne se jouera donc plus au niveau du matériel informatique et de la connectivité mais au niveau de la capacité de proposer un portefeuille de contenu et services accessibles à tous."

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why are big publishers ignoring interactive picture books?

Why are big publishers ignoring interactive picture books?: "“Children’s eBooks continue to lead the Top Paid Apps in the Books category in the App Store today. The No. 1 app in the store is Mickey’s Spooky Night Puzzle Book from Disney, followed by iVerse Media’s Pocket God Comics at No. 2 and Oceanhouse Media’s Dr. Seuss title What Was I Scared Of? at No. 3. Disney’s Winnie the Pooh app [...] is ranked at No. 4 and rounding out the Top 10 at No. 10 is Loud Crow Interactive’s new title PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit, an interactive version of the classic children’s tale.”

I agree, the first eBook I bought was "Toy Story 3 Read Along", for the good school results of my son Thomas...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Google eBooks - Simply read

This morning I had a quick look at Google eBooks.

When you arrive there you see you have 3 ebooks in "My eBook". Select one of those than click the 'Read Now' button. You will be able to start reading the eBook.

I find the Interface exactly what it needs to be : very simple. With a tablet in your hands I think it's close enough to reading  a real book... Future will tell.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2010 Tech Trends: Facebook, eBooks, and the Groupon | BlogHer

2010 Tech Trends: Facebook, eBooks, and the Groupon | BlogHer: "2010 was a fascinating and fast-paced year for tech. Some trends that have been around for a while reached the tipping point this year, and some new trends are emerging that will dominate 2011.
eBooks and eBook readers

The price for an eBook reader dropped significantly this year. The number of device choices expanded. And the number of books available in that format grew and grew and grew.

Many who have the capability to buy an eBook instead of a printed copy are choosing that as the preferred option. There are several reasons for this, among them lower price, instant delivery, and lightweight portability for a reader's entire library.

I see the eBook market continuing to expand as more and more users turn to digital delivery for all kinds of reading material. Unique ideas for eBooks appear every day, such as this idea, described by FrugalBabe that sells eBooks for charity fund-raising. "

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2013 Will See eBook Reader Markets Catch Fire, Says ABI Research | Business Wire

2013 Will See eBook Reader Markets Catch Fire, Says ABI Research | Business Wire: "NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The market for eBook readers has until now been largely restricted to the United States, and has been led by Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and Sony’s Reader. But according to ABI Research, starting in 2013 eBook reader markets will start to expand globally. The firm forecasts that more than 30 million readers will ship during that year, almost double the 2012 total."

Friday, December 3, 2010

Business eBooks - Idea and Tests - AppePaper - App(s) and ePaper

"Last week I have been doing some tests on a new concept : Business eBooks -
The idea came from two different thoughts."

Read the rest over here : Business eBooks - Idea and Tests - AppePaper - App(s) and ePaper.