Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AppsMarathon : extracts from my notes...

AppsMarathon website :

Ping Ping
  • solutions for 'everyday small expenses'
  • 'in App' payment for Android
  • iPad payment via SMS (take your iPhone to pay on your iPad :-))
  • Le Soir, Public Bikes (Villo), GPS Parking Guide
Financial App @wavestock
  • Was a very good example of a business app by someone who knows the business and not the technology (in the first place). I voted for him even if Finance is not my favorite Industry.
  • I liked the idea of pro-actively proposing information rather than requiring users to enter and search for stocks. And afterward flagging for watch lists... I found there is added value for the end user here that goes beyond the app. The app is not an app, it's a service and not a self service. Food for thought.
Store Gun
  • A part from the fact that barcodes can help you calculate where to buy cheaper, what I retained is that AndroPan allows to share Panoramic pictures. (Sometimes you retain the side talk)
  • The success of the CRM is kiss:  Instead of flying between screens (email/calendar/...), sales have access to all info in a chronological list, giving them more productivity.
  • Looking for partners to build a new mobile version...
  • "Digital signage isn't efficient enough": you need to add interactivity to it. Your shopping assistant on your mobile synchronizes with the digital signage.
LinkID - Your Mobile ID for Life
  • "In General, Apps are insecure and so unusable for businesses"
  • "The approach has 4 steps : 1. Business Case, 2. Detailed Bus. & Tech Analysis, 3. Pilot, 4. Production" --> I like it, cause I work like that also - see eRRA Methodology
Nokia - Rahim Zakhoun
  • "There is a great potential to work with Nokia (because we have the highest mobile market share)"
  • "There are 1mio Nokia phones in Belgium"
Koen Delvaux
  • "A mobile phone is built for sharing things"
  • "A mobile phone now allows impulsive buys"
  • "Create something (apps) valuable, what should your app do ?"
  • Good list on when to use Native Vs HTML5
  • "AppInventor is the Visual Basic for mobile phones" - not sure they will like it at Google
  • "You might not even need an app, so think twice" - use foursquare, Bump, Layar
Movie HD - Tom Nijs
  • "We decided that strong graphics would be our differentiator. We we saw the competition we thought : We can do it better."
Obscura - Friedger Müffke
  • Encryption of private images by OISafe (AES)
Movie Quizz - Litrik De Roy
  • Play a quizz about Movies on your Mobile --> Could be used for tests (schools, driver licence, eLearning...)
iPad Project - Miss Little robot
  • The iPad is than used as a presentation tool for sales on the go
Boye Hartmann - tapptic
  • Commodore 64 emulator on iPhone
  • "When in 6 days you have 1mio downloads, you start to thing you have done the right thing"
  • "Never make 'in app' purchases without telling Apple"
Adobe - Serge Jespers
  • "Different Screens have different sizes and capabilties, it gives headaches..."
  • "Look a the the Open Screen project. Everybody is there except a small company..."
  • Cool BBC videos on Android Demo
STIB/MIVB Mobile App @emich and @gregone
  • "Finally we'd better make a Mobile Web app than an Android app, so everybody can have access to it" (3000 downloads on Android Market)
  • Google Transit to be integrated
David Robertson - Best Biking Roads
  • "Find new cool places to ride with your bike"
  • Again someone who puts passion first, technology second. As it should be...
In The Pocket - @pieterjan, @itpocket
  • Their Samsonite application won the contest. If it looks cool (great app realization, movie and everything), I was not totally convinced by the concept.
Alain Gashard - EDA
  • I like the way they call their apps for 1212 and 1313 : Woo da Fook (reverse directory) and Formular 1 for automatic forms completion on mobiles
Tom Schuyter -

  • Connect the citizens with the city via an app and a website. Use your phone to send pics of problems you see in your city. Good idea : useful and smart.
Adobe Air on Mobile - Serge Jespers
  • We can play with the Mobile using adobe flash... of course. Games is the n°1 cultural product nowadays...

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